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How the boy became healthy? take a seat, I'll give you the tea. Let's just say growing up, my family wasn't the best at picking the right food for my tummy. I was diagnosed with ADHD at 4 years old and had tons of behavioral issues throughout my life. Like most kids, I was put on adderall for way too many years! As you may know adderall can affect your weight tremendously. Once I went into high school, I became very self conscious about my weight. I started very unhealthy eating habits and felt horrible. Come 2013, I was diagnosed with celiac disease. I was like HOLD UP! H*ll no. I knew right then I had to change my lifestyle! I started to realize how much of an impact food has on your life. I took away gluten processed food and many other harmful garbage that company's put in food to make it taste better. I said GURL BYE!! My mom used to have the same unhealthy eating habits (maybe that's where I got it from?) but she saw the tremendous change in my weight, health, motivation and overall mood so together we made the changes in our diet and began cooking healthy together. Fast forward to my life now and I've been medication free for years. I have the motivation to go to the gym everyday. I'm much happier with friends and family. My confidence has sky rocketed. I went from having 25% body fat to 12% in a matter of months. My whole life had change just from eating right! So that brings me to the reason I'm opening the Healthy Boy. I want to provide everyone with the same healthy lifestyle that changed my life for the better. Stay healthy boys and girls!


Matty bonnen the healthy boy